Thrifting Anyone?

As a college student my funds have become increasingly scarce. Nonetheless, I manage.  Truth be told, I am not the best when it comes to prioritizing my funds. I’d rather buy a fashion publication and a pair of shoes than a meal. Over the last four years I’ve come to realize the mass amount of money spent on my forever evolving wardrobe. I simply had to find a way to expand my wardrobe without depleting my funds.

Welcome to the world of secondhand clothing!

People should have the luxury of looking and feeling good without the added cost. Thrifting saved my life. What is thrifting? Thrifting is the practice or art of purchasing secondhand items at a significantly lower cost than your average retailer. Yes, thrifting is an art. Not only is thrifting saving money, in return you are helping the environment by purchasing recycled clothing. Thrifting is a two-fold reward!

Thrifting is not for the light-heart. It is not just for the hipsters who objectively defy conventional culture. You would be surprised to find the many hidden treasures in the racks of discarded clothing.  Thrifting requires patience, thoroughness, imagination and confidence in your style. Among the many racks you’ll see many “outdated” clothes and think that there is nothing to be salvaged. Wrong! Fashion often repeats itself. The only concern you should have is whether or not it suits your personal style. I for one have found many designer-esque pieces. I know others who have found actual designer pieces for just $10.Trendy pieces are in thrift shops too! For instance, crop tops, Chelsea boots and leather pants were big in the 80’s and 90’s. Guess who’s back? According to Elle, Glamour, Vogue, and more than likely your favorite retailer, you’ve noticed the reinsertion of these pieces.

If you can’t tell by now, let me overtly state that I love thrifting.  I always find one-of-a-kind pieces. I’ve earned my wardrobe rather than just purchased it. I find pieces and assemble them in a manner that reflects my personality. I purchase what I am drawn to and what looks good on my figure somewhat disregarding trends.  No, I am not a hipster. My style is unrefined and whimsical; some might describe it as wild or earthy. My style is hard to encapsulate and simply categorize. I like to think of myself as just fashionable. How do I find thrift shops? As a true vagabond, I love walking and roaming around the streets. I find the best spots by accident. Google also helps.

Here is my closet at college. Keep in mind, many other articles are either folded or at my permanent address in NYC. Not all items were thrifted but many are.

Bird eye's view.

Bird eye’s view.




Which items do you think are thrifted? Please leave your thoughts below.

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