Designer-esque Find: Tory Burch

When in thrift shops I gravitate to whatever catches my eye. I tend to disregard the sizes on the labels. Majority of these clothing are vintage often differing in modern sizing measurements. If I see an item I pick it up and try it on! Indecisive in nature, I give almost all my attractive items a fighting chance. If I grab 20 items; I will try all 20 items on. I hate to miss out on bargains. Clothes drape very differently on a body than a hanger.  As a pear shape girl it is imperative that I try on everything.

This piece pictured below was purchased before grabbing a bit to eat at a nearby restaurant. I arrived 20 minutes before my friends and had nothing but time to kill. As a true vagabond I started wandering the area and found a Goodwill. Goodwill thrift shops are one my favorite. There prices are extremely low and they usually donate the money from purchases to a charity, hence the name, Goodwill.

Goodwill Find.

Goodwill Find.

Notice anything? Does it remind you of any designer?  This shirt holds a striking resemblance to the designs of Tory Burch. Tory Burch is a luxury American sportswear brand. She is noted mostly for her bold prints and heavy gold embellishments.  Tory Burch loves to mix bright colors. If you take a look below you can clearly see the similarities: geometric shapes, delicate fabric and sharp lines.

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

Both Tory Burch’s shirts retail for $295. My shirt cost $3 dollars. Thrifting is so rewarding, which would explains why so many, myself included, are addicted to the buy. Realistically, where else can you purchase a $3 button down silk shirt?

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