Designer-esque Find: Marc Jacobs

Thrift Find

Here’s another designer-esque find found in Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn. This entire day was dedicated to thrifting my heart away. Contradictory to my vagabond ways, this day I planned to find dresses befitting my petite frame. What drew me into this piece was the color. It is brightest hue of red without being neon. The picture does not do the the shade of red justice.  At first sight I wasn’t quite sure if it was a dress, shirt, or tunic but when I  tried it on it was the perfect short dress. A very daring length that my mother wouldn’t approve of but I sure did. I’m only 5’2 and I find extremely difficult to find a short dress. Short dresses give the appearance of longer legs, therefore, giving the illusion that I am taller.

This dress has a very posh but kitsch appeal. It reminds me of a Marc Jacobs design. Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers. He’s American, attractive, and brilliant. He has a proclivity for lush materials but blends them into a mod bold look. He’s known for drawing attention and exuding sex appeal.

This print holds a remarkable resemblance to Marc Jacob’s paradox print. I have a profound love for intricate patterns and prints and this piece gave me my money’s worth. The dress cost only $12.

Here is the actual Marc Jacobs paradox print silk tunic. This tunic retails for about $268. Both pieces accent the background with white points on the geometric shapes. If you can’t tell by now, I absolutely adore pattern

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