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Multi-Colored Knit Cropped Sweater

Multi-Colored Knit Cropped Sweater

Almost everyday I wear at least one thrifted piece. Whether it is a simple gold bracelet or vivid patterned shirt, I’m always a part/participating in the thrift. Thrifting is one of my favorite pass times and allows me to go out of my comfort zone. Thrifting forces me to be more open and creative as opposed to purchasing something at Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. Don’t get mewrong, I do shop at these international retailers but they’re just not as imaginative.


Thrifted gold bracelet ft. silver Casio watch

Today I have on a thrifted bracelet and sweater. Gold embellishments are a must-have item. With this fine gold plated bracelet I have on a silver Casio gold face watch. Mixing metals is sometimes tricky. I usually try to find at least one jewelry piece that features mixed metals. In my mind it smooths out the transition from one metal to the next. This sweater, on the other hand, is a different story. It’s handmade knitting and multi-color scheme mirrored a domestic accent pieces. When I first saw this sweater I thought it was cute but it sort of reminded me of a bath rug.

Multi-Colored Knit Cropped Sweater

Multi-Colored Knit Cropped Sweater



Today, I paired it with a pair of grey textured riding pants. In the cooler months, I love to play with textures. By pairing a textured pair of pants with this sweater it masked the bath rug impression. Instead by mixing textures I achieved a comfy earthy outfit perfect for the fall wind. These riding pants are one of my favorite fitted pants. They accentuate my curves and are made of cotton creating the perfect comfortable fit. Unlike many other high waist pants, they are extremely comfortable. I chose to wear the brown moccasins to draw out more earthiness out of my attire.These moccasins are rich caramel suede perfect for the fall. This hardly one of my favorite outfits, I just thought I’d share my typical college wear. How would you style this sweater or would you have left it in the thrift store?

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