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If you’ve ever read my about me, I’ve mention that I’m inspired by the mundane. Yes I my style is inspired by the day to day and fearless fashion bloggers of the world. Fashion bloggers encourage me to piece outfit together in ways that I would never imagine.  At times we all get stuck in a rut and wear the same items in the same manner.  You don’t always need a new addition to your wardrobe for a new look. All you need to do is style your pieces differently. Two of my favorite bloggers are Jayne Min and Danielle Bernstein.

Jayne Min Retrieved from

Jayne Min is probably one of all-time favorite bloggers.  Her blog manages to encompass street style, chicness and boyishly feminine into one look. If you’re into fashion you should definitely check her blog out, she’s that good. At this point you probably think I am overselling her style but this lovely lady has been featured in Vogue several times and even an ad campaign for Zara! I am not the only one in awe of her effortless style.  Even with her more laxed outfits she retains her refinement. Somehow her clothes are always perfect fitted to her lean frame. Her blog often features a first look or behind the scenes encounter with upcoming collections befitting her style and of course she frequently features outfit of the day. She posts only about two times a month which is a bit upsetting. Two posts a month will do for now.

Danielle Bernstein, founder of from NYC, is a close-runner up for my favorite blogger. Unlike Jayne, Danielle posts daily. Her blog mostly consist of outfit of the day and links to purchase the exact items or very similar items of the outfit. Bernstein always manages to add one unconventional element to her outfits. Bernstein style is trendy with a modern twist. In her recent posts she’s featured these

almost avant-garde pointy masculine flats that I absolutely adore. They’re a bit bold for a petite girl like me but that doesn’t change my admiration. If Iwere a bit taller I would definitely try these foot elongated shoes out.  Standing 5’2 foot elongation would make me resemble a clown.

Danielle Bernstein ft. the pointy flats Retrieved from

Danielle Bernstein ft. the pointy flats
Retrieved from

Sharing my favorite bloggers is like sharing trade secrets. Before I regret uploading this post you should really check out their blogs. They are always on the newest latest fashion tip.

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