Autumn/Winter 2014 Trend Forecast: Tartan Print…Will the Vagabond try?

The temperature drops, the humidity drops, greens change to deep oranges and red and then trees are barren and snow filled. Cold weather is when you can truly hone in on your personal style. In the warmer months t-shirts and shorts are worn out of bare necessity, there is only so much you can do with two pieces. In the cooler months you can experiment much more with textures and prints. One of the reoccurring themes on the runway of autumn/fall 2014 collection is tartan. Tartan has featured in Stella McCartney, Céline and Saint Laurent Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce Gabbana and Versace’s 2014 autumn/fall collection.

Runway Tartan From left to right: Stella McCartney, Céline and Saint Laurent Retrieved from

Runway Tartan
From left to right: Stella McCartney, Céline and Saint Laurent
Retrieved from

Tartan is a plaid print of a Scottish clan. True skeptic at heart, I highly doubt these new plaids are Scottish origins. Personally, I am not too fond of plaid shirts. I probably have about 5 plaid shirts and I can’t remember the last time I wore any of them. Plaid shirts remind me of the country, too conventional. If I were to try out this trend it would be with a long overcoat in bold primary colors. Too many colors is another big deciding factor in experimenting with tartan. You don’t want to like a rainbow.I am big fan of the overcoat. When I was younger I didn’t want a winter jacket to past my hips. Now I love the idea of layering with a long overcoat. What better way to style a comfy over-sized sweater than with an overcoat? The overcoat is truly an essential. A tartan overcoat is not for the faint. It is a bold jacket that you must be committed to. If I see a tartan overcoat and isn’t love at first sight I wouldn’t think about purchasing it. If you’re unsure or unsteady about any trend don’t feel the need to conform. Don’t get in the habit of following trends, if you like it buy it.

Unfortunately I have too many jackets to try the trend. Even if my funds permit my first purchase wouldn’t be a tartan overcoat but a solid color overcoat. I think it’s explicitly clear that I am obsessed with overcoats. Stay tuned to see my purchases for this upcoming season.

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