Fall Fit: Textures & Thrift

With a high of 51 degrees today’s weather truly felt like fall. Not only are the leaves changing to golden hues but the air is cooling down and is refreshingly crisp. I always feel at peace on a nice fall day. Not lethargic. No cynicism. More often than not, I like to dress befitting the weather. Fall is the time to bring out the texture. Today I wore a caramel suede paisley print button up top from one of my many thrifting expeditions. I paired this oversized shirt with skinny black high waist pants from Amercian Apparel, an oversized Levis jean jacket, Doc Martens, a knitted black unity scarf and just a pop of contrasting color with the burgundy socks. I kept accessories to a minimum with a slim gold bracelet and necklace both from the thrift.

Unfortunately do not remember what thrift store I bought this shirt from or the cost. As you can tell I thrift excessively! I do remember the cost and location of the gold jewelry as for they are some of my most recent purchases. Both pieces are gold plated. The bracelet cost me $3. The necklace cost $2.60.

With such an oversized top I paired it with really tight bottoms to keep some of my womanly figure today. Although the top covers much of my bum my shapely legs are enough to give it a feminine touch. A suede top is not only stylish but functionally warm. With a high of 51 and wind gusts up to 16mph warmth is a necessity. In the cooler months I often wear loose tops and tighter bottoms. I’ve just came to this realization as I am typing. As to why I do it? Layers. If you have a loose sweater you can always put an undershirt and collared shirt under for style and warmth. Loose sweaters are stylish and functional for the cold months ahead.


Outfit of the Day.

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