Birthday Ensemble Dilemma: to the Rescue!

It’s not every day you turn 21. Luckily enough for me I get to celebrate my partner’s birthday a week before my monumental coming of age. Ladies, you know what this means! Not only do I have to find a dress for my birthday outings but for his as well. I know I’ve said that you can revisit old clothing and make them new by pairing it with different pieces but let’s face there’s nothing like a new ensemble. Finding a dress within my college budget and that meets my high standards is beyond challenging. I have been online searching for a dress for over a month now and will most likely settle being that my partner’s birthday is next Friday and mine is the following weekend. I do not taking getting dressed lightly. I overthink everything and this time is no different. In fact I think my overzealousness has reached it’s peak. Nonetheless, when you look good you feel good. If finding a nearly flawless dress, in terms of cost, consumes almost all my time then so be it.

I’ve narrowed down my options to three dresses on in the sale section. Asos offers free shipping and returns and the dresses are approximately $25 each! Some of these dresses were original retailed for over $50.

This dress is called the Club L midi body-Conscious dress in geo print in the gray and chartreuse color.

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

This dress is labeled as the Asos mesh cut out long sleeve midi dress in the color berry.

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

The last option is an Asos reflection floral sleeveless midi dress.

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

Yes, indeed I do love midi dress. I want to wear dresses for both birthday occasions because I want to really accentuate my curves as a confirmation that I will be and I am 21. As previously mentioned, I am a pear shape. Body-conscious dresses do nothing but flatter my figure. A curvaceous body is not a clear sign of what constitutes to be a woman nor is any indication of superiority of over other woman who are less shapely but it is a confirmation of womanhood. The next couple of weekends need to pan out how I imagine or all my hard work would be fruitless.



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