Halloween Festivities: Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Halloween has arrived. Offensive and scantily clad costumes are somewhat to be expected. When influential famous partake in dicey behavior it becomes much more of an issue.

At Milan’s annual Hallowood party many fashion elites made a mockery of the theme ‘Disco Africa.’ Alessandro Dell’Acqua, an Italian fashion designer, along with others dressed up as minstrels.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua between  Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Retreived from huffingtonpost.com

Alessandro Dell’Acqua between Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
Retrieved from huffingtonpost.com

Yes, Hallowood is known for avant-garde costumes but this takes the cakes. There was another party go-er who had two males in dark makeup with shackles around them.

Retrieved from fashionista.com

Retrieved from fashionista.com

The organizers of ‘Disco Africa’ issued a public apology in response to all the bad press surrounding the event. There were more pictures of other attendees in black face but they’ve have been removed from virtually all websites. Not even in the spirit of Halloween should people think that immoral behavior is permissible all in good fun. Whatever or whoever you decide to be for Halloween please avoid from painting your face black. Halloween seems to blur the lines of common decency. There is a thin line between fun Halloween portrayal and offensive mockery.

Retrieved from Miley Cyrus's Instagram

Retrieved from Miley Cyrus’s Instagram

For example, Miley Cyrus dressed up as Lil Kim this year. In contrast to her recent actions Miley tastefully emulated Lil Kim. Her wig and make up both resemble the raunchy rapper. Kudos to Miley for not painting her skin in her portrayal of a person of color. Like I’ve just mentioned, you do not have to paint your face! In light of the usual scantily clad costumes adorned by many Miley’s costume is a bit on the modest side.

So what are the absolute fashion don’ts of Halloween?

  1. Do not paint your face brown or black. Avoid black face at all costs.
  2. Try to keep the goodies in the jar. (Ladies, don’t get in trouble for public indecency.)

Do keep it simple. Be creative. Retain your morals

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