Clash of the Prints

Today I am wearing an oversized thrifted houndstooth printed sweater and paisley printed pants paired with buckled Chelsea boots. Mixing patterns and prints is a nice unconventional funky twist to all your tired patterns. Both the sweater and pants have a solid background black color which somehow allows the two pieces to blend well with each other. I actually threw these pieces together in a hurry to be on time to my first class. They both were black so I thought, “What the hell? It matches enough for me.”

The thrift is perfect place to score an oversized sweater. You cannot go wrong in the thrift when looking for a sweater. Almost all of my sweaters are oversized whether it be at an actual retailer or the thrift. To be quite frank, my favorite piece from this ensemble is the printed pants. I cannot get enough of these satin-like high waisted tailored pants. No, the pants aren’t actually “tailored” nor are they expensive.I scored them at a Forever 21 sale last spring. I believe I paid $10 for them. Today’s weather was a gorgeous fall day; a high of 58 degrees. I wore my thrifted Levi’s jean jacket featured in a previous post over my houndstooth sweater. My faux leather Chelsea boots wore purchased on an online sale on H&M for about $25 including shipping. My outfit probably totals around $45 excluding my jewelry. Forty-five dollars for an outfit is extremely low.

Come to think of it almost everything that I am wearing was purchased at the thrift or on sale. Maybe I should rename my blog the frugalista. Ok, maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself but I just can’t resist a bargain. This goes to show that looking good is not an exact equivalent to spending loads of money. Almost all merchandise goes on sale. You can always find the same item listed at a lower price, after all there’s a competitive market out there, utilize it. Promo codes, discounts for signing up to newsletters, thrifting, I will literally shop everywhere and anywhere and encourage everyone to do so. If there is some kind of deal, I am there.

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