Deal of the Season: 100% Leather Pants

This weekend I accompanied my significant other and some friends on a thrifitng adventure. We ventured to Goodwill. I had no intentions of purchasing anything. In fact, my day’s goal was to not spend any more money. I am struggling college student but you would never know it the way I spend my money sometimes.

Anyhow, as I was walking around the store heading to my group’s desired area and it just jumped out at me. Black leather pants in nearly mint condition were sitting on a rack of pajamas. At first glance they looked rather small but you never really know until you try them. Twenty-minutes later I had enough of walking around with my lover and friends and hauled off to the fitting room. These size eight high waisted leather pants fit perfectly. I walked around aimlessly contemplating if I really needed these pants. I already own two pairs of faux leather pants. How many leather pants does one person need really? Purchasing these pants would be in total opposition to my objective to save. In the end I paid $8dollars for 100% leather pants. It was yet again another day of failed resistance. 

Leather details are very on trend this season. Faux leather pants at retailers like H&M, Zara, or Forever 21 would cost you on average $40 dollars. I managed to find real leather pants for less than $10. I didn’t plan to buy anything but I just couldn’t let a deal like this get away from me. Real leather is much warmer than faux, virtually perfect for the upcoming winter weather.

I can’t wait style these pants. They’ll look great with a pair of platform booties and turtleneck for those cold winter nights. It’s a perfect score for those comfortable cold girls’ nights out. Where’s my resilience to shopping? I have none. It all goes out the door, out the window, and the money leaps out of my pocket and into the register. All I can do is TRY.

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