DIY Distressed Jeans

Not everything you buy at the thrift will be love at first sight and as simple as washing and wearing. Some pieces need a little tender, love and care. Some items just need to be altered. I bought these jeans about 2 months ago from local Goodwill. When I first picked up these high waist charcoal jeans I thought “I’m sure I have very similar jeans in my closet sitting somewhere.” I have probably 10 pairs of high waisted jeans in array of colors. You would think by now that I as a fashion enthusiast I’d know better. I bought them anyway. I knew that I would have to make these jeans a DIY project. Who wants two pairs of identical jeans? Well, at least I don’t.


What I value most in wardrobe is variety. Even if you’re committed to a certain style it’s always good measure to have a variety of different pieces. One of my problems is that I like to buy the same thing over and over again. For example, if I become fond of parka jackets I begin to buy them in different materials and colors, as though that makes much of difference. I’m a bit obsessive whenever I like something.


After a month of sitting folded in my drawer I decided I was going to finally wear these jeans. After all, money was spent therefore, in my mind, I’m obligated to wear them. To justify buying another pair of grayish high waisted jeans I decided to cut them. Distressed jeans will probably always be instyle in some shape or form. All of my distressed jeans are either boyfriend cut or low waist cut and extremely distressed. As the “designer” I opted for distressed knees. The jeans are entirely intact except at the knees. I’m still till this day not to excited about the outcome but I at least wear them now. If not anything cutting these jeans were fun. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have bought these pants.

In my distressed jeans with leggings underneath for extra warmth.

In my distressed jeans with leggings underneath for extra warmth.


Not entirely pleased with the look when my legs are straight.


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