My Sanctuary: My local Goodwill

My sanctuary, the thrift, is one of my utmost favorite pastimes. I know, I’ve said this a million times already. I just want to note the severity of the enjoyment I have when thrifting. It’s almost unparalleled. Wait, let me gain more worldly experience before I make such a bold statement. In previous posts I talk endlessly about thrift shops and how much I enjoy them but have failed to document an actual thrifting venture. Well, today is that day. Here is my documented trip of going to the Goodwill today.

The Goodwill is filled with donations from individuals and organizations. In this particular Goodwill all profits go to a charity to help the blind. Not only do I feel good while spending my money there it is literally only five minutes from my college campus. As you can see there are rows and rows of goodies from board games, video games, furniture, electronics, books, jackets, bags, luggage, you name it more than likely it’s there.  My favorite section of this good will is the men’s sweaters section and the entire female section. To be honest, I enjoy the men’s section much better but most of the items just don’t fit me. The only extremely oversized items I feel comfortable in are the sweaters.

I mostly come to the goodwill for clothing, jewelry and occasionally bags. I am not entirely opposed to purchasing footwear or furniture from the goodwill but something about is off putting. When you wear shoes they start to mold to the curvature of your body and movement. If someone has already broken a pair of shoes in research shoes there is an increasing chance of back problems. How much of this is true? I am actually not sure but unless the shoes are a dire designer or design that I wanted I pretty much stand clear of the shoe rack.  Now let’s discuss furniture. I don’t know about you but I get rather comfortable on my couch. It’s insanely personal. I just can’t imagine every getting that comfortable in a couch that’s been pre-owned.

Although I am not entirely comfortable with buying just anything from the thrift nothing can shake my love for vintage finds in places like the Goodwill.

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