American Music Awards 2013

The American Music Awards, created in the 1970’s, is solely based on the votes of the public. True to my cynicism, I highly doubt that votes were not some way inaccurate. Since I’m such a skeptic I tend to skip the actual award shows, performance and all but I do enjoy the red carpet appearances. There’s the cream of the crop, the mediocre and the mess.

Last night, as usual I creep online and social media to get the latest buzz on the red carpet. To my dismay supermodel Heidi Klum came in the close second of the worst dressed of the night. She wore a lace fringe dress that looked like she attached fringe to lingerie, and not in a good way. The winner of the worst dressed of the evening goes worthily to rapper Lil Mama. She wore this floor length satin black gown with green trim that did absolutely nothing for her figure. It gets worst. The green trim on her dress matched her green hair.

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One of my favorite look of the evening was Nicole Richie in a white Emilio Pucci gown.  Over the years she has really pulled her look together. She no longer exudes snobbish teenager. She now always presents herself in an elegant stylish manner. Kudos to Nicole Richie. Another one of favorite looks, despite the unanimous detest, was Ciara in J. Mendel. The highly see through gown accentuated her toned shoulders and womanly curves. I loved the make-up, hair and the modest accessories. I almost forgot to mention Christina Aguilera’s mass improvement from last years AMA’s. This year the songstress, noticeable thinner, wore an elegant white gown with her blond bombshell curls.

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Nicole Richie
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Christina Aguilera
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Regardless of how stunning Rihanna’s face and body looked last night the question is still out on her hair. Why did this gorgeous starlet decide to come to an award show with a doobie wrap? The doobie hair wrap was painfully intentional. She changed her hairpins to diamond encrusted pins for her “Diamonds” performance. Rihanna is known, among other things, for her forever changing hairstyle but wrapping is not a style…or is it? You will probably see an increase of females walking around with their hair wrapped now.

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