Blogging Hiatus

The past couple of months have been rather hectic and quick. Thanksgiving followed by presentations, finals Christmas shopping, the New Year, and a winter class has left little to no time for blogging. On top of the busy schedule I have committed to a new resident assistant position and have to really prepare for my future, the dreaded life right after graduation. I am at a crossroad where I am not confident nor certain on what I want to do after receiving my Bachelor’s. Graduate School? Study Abroad? Applying to an Agency?

I’m just so unsure of everything right now. I try to stay abreast in the PR and fashion world but this anxiety of what’s next is a bit overwhelming. One of my past professors warned about senior year anxiety and restlessness. After being in school for over 15 years transitioning into the real world is not only novel but stressful and worrisome. After all I do have loans to pay off. PR Daily has some really helpful articles for PR professionals and new graduates which has helped my anxiety a bit.  I will try to blog more consistently. Consistency is key to success. A cliché nothing short of the truth.  Don’t forget about me…stay tuned.

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